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  • When you create a warranty case, you will be asked to fill out an error desription. Here is a short explanation of how we would like you to answer each step: 
    • Is the error periodic?
      • If the defect is not permanent, but only occurs sometimes, please answer "yes".
      • If the error is constant, please answer "no".
      • If you are in doubt, please answer "don't know" 
    • Error description:
      • Please give a short description of where and how the error can be detected on your product.
      • If the error is periodic (e.g. it only occurs occasionally), it is important, that you describe how often it occurs.
      • Please link to a video or a picture of the error.
    • Serienummer / IMEI-nummer:
      • If the product has a serial number, please write it here.
      • If you hand in a mobile phone, please write the IMEI number here.
    • Possibly Password / Password to log on to the machine / operating system:
      • We need your password to log in to the product and investigate the error, if you for example send in a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
    • Is the product complete? (i.e. is all parts attatched)
      • Ideally we need all parts of the product to handle the warrandy case. This eases the handling - and in the case your warranty is accepted it will shorten the process of exchanging the product or giving you the money back. 
      • Answer "yes" if you send in all parts. 
      • Anser "Don't know" if you are in doubt.
      • Answer "no" if you send don't send in al the parts. 
    • Do you have any comments to the case?
      • For instance you can write your own customer number, if you are not the original buyer of the product.
• Ja, du har mulighet til å kontakte vår supportavdeling i Norge via vår e-post eller telefon 35060606.

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