Smarthus - Aeotec Siren 6 - ZW164
Varenummer: 2693066

Aeotec Siren 6

Sirene, trådløs, Z-Wave Plus

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Produsent: Aeotec
Varenummer: 2693066
Model: ZW164
Ean: 1220000016224

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ProduktbeskrivelseAeotec Siren 6 - sirene - Z-Wave Plus
StrømkildeBatteri, strømadapter
TilkoblingsmuligheterTrådløs - Z-Wave Plus
Sirenelydnivå110 dB
You can use Z-Wave to make your home smarter. You can use Z-Wave to make your home more secure. And you can use Siren 6 to make your home smarter, safer, and more secure.

Whether it’s remotely monitored or self-monitored, Siren 6 is the perfect indoor siren for a Z-Wave security system. In the event of an intrusion or break-in being detected by a number of Z-Wave sensors, it can sound any one of up to 15 pre-configured tones at an ear-splitting 105 decibels.

Enhanced with Z-Wave, Siren 6 isn’t just a part of your home’s security system, but also a part of your home’s safety system. In the event of an emergency, or something you need to be notified of, Siren 6 can be used as an extra speaker for other connected-devices including Z-Wave smoke and leak detectors.

Siren 6 really is Z-Wave’s most connected alert system. Easy to set up as a siren, it’s just as easy to convert it to a doorbell. Paired with an optional accessory, Button, Siren 6 will offer the same functionality as Aeotec’s Z-Wave doorbell, Doorbell 6.

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