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BWT aqa basic softener

Simplex DVGW certification

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AQA basic water softening system is designed for the average family of up to four people. It is a compact system that can easily fit in a cabinet. AQA basic is suitable for those who: - Only use one bathroom at a time- Have an ordinary or water-saving shower- Rarely use water from multiple taps or showers simultaneously- Can do without softened water during regenerationAQA basic is a compact water softening system that can be installed in a cabinet. When the system cannot absorb any more calcium, it regenerates using a light salt solution. During regeneration, AQA basic does not provide softened water, which occurs approximately once daily and takes 25 minutes depending on usage.BWT's water softening systems are largely self-sufficient and easy to maintain once installed by an authorized plumber. The systems use salt to remove calcium from the water, and when they cannot absorb any more calcium, automatic regeneration begins.The installation of the system takes place immediately after the main meter where the house's incoming supply enters.All you need to do is fill up with salt regularly - this simple process only takes minutes. How often you need to add salt depends on your consumption but we recommend checking it monthly; if AQA runs out of salt it will notify you via its display.Sanitabs Salt makes operation easy - when AQA has reached its limit for absorbing calcium it needs cleaning and regenerating which happens automatically over about 25 minutes using mild Sanitabs Salt tablets; if there isn't enough left then 'salt' will appear on display along with illumination indicating low levels remaining in storage tank(s).

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