5056280415800 - SuperEpic: The Entertainment War - Badge Edition - Collector's Edition - Sony PlayStation 4 - Platformer
Varenummer: 2830025

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War - Badge Edition - Collector's Edition - Sony PlayStation 4 - Platformer


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Produsent: Numskull
Varenummer: 2830025
Model: 5056280415800
Ean: 5056280415800

Til produsentens hjemmeside

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War is a Metroidvania style adventure with a humorous and satirical tone. It’s a nonlinear fast paced action adventure game, heavy on exploration and combo-based combat, which stars a racoon and a llama in their quest to save videogames as we know them.

Set in a not-to-distant dystopian future, where a single videogame development company, RegnantCorp, controls an Orwellian society with exploitative, addictive and brainwashing freemium videogames. Ramming into their headquarters, the heroes uncover the whole conspiracy as they explore a surreal castle-like office full of enemies, challenges, secrets and corporate pigs.

  • Economy based upgrading system: earn money based on your combat performance and decide how to invest it: in life, magic or stamina?

  • Cross media experience: hidden QR codes launch small mini games running on HTML5, which have to be completed on mobile in order to uncover secrets in the game

  • Two game modes: a more classic story-driven mode with handcrafted levels, and a replayable roguelike mode with procedurally generated maps

  • Solid progression: RPG like weapon and armor upgrading system, with tonnes of items to collect and discover

  • Gorgeous Neogeo quality: 16/32 bit era cartoon sprites, with super fluid animations and spectacular final bosses

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