5PS0K75708 - Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection - accidental damage coverage - 2 years

Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection - accidental damage coverage - 2 years

Dekning for tilfeldig skade, 2 år, for Flex 14; 15; Pro-13; IdeaPad 5 14IIL05; 5 15IIL05; S340-14; S540-13; S540-14IML Touch

Varenummer: 3026848
640,00 kr
512,00 kr eksl. mva
Fjernlager, 5-7 dager til forsendelse
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Produsent: Lenovo
Varenummer: 3026848
Model: 5PS0K75708

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ProduktbeskrivelseLenovo Accidental Damage Protection - dekning for tilfeldig skade - 2 år
TypeDekning for tilfeldig skade
Full kontraktsperiode2 år
Designet forFlex 14; 15; Pro-13; IdeaPad 330-14; 5 14IIL05; 5 15IIL05; C340-14; C340-15; L340-15; L340-15API Touch; L340-15IRH Gaming; L340-15IWL Touch; L340-17; L340-17IRH Gaming; S340-14; S340-15; S340-15API Touch; S340-15IWL Touch; S540-13; S540-14; S540-14IML Touch; S540-14IWL Touch; S540-15; S540-15IWL GTX


Full kontraktsperiode 2 år


Service og støtte Dekning av tilfeldige skader - 2 år
With today's highly mobile users, the unexpected is bound to happen, even to exceptionally engineered PCs. Lenovo's mobile repair data indicates that a significant percentage of users will experience non-warranted damage within the first three years of the PC's life cycle. Accidental Damage Protection offers significant savings relative to uncovered repairs. Standard warranty terms and conditions don't cover accidental damage. With Lenovo's Accidental Damage Protection, your system is protected from the unexpected. Through the global network of depot repair centers, PCs are repaired by Lenovo-Certified technicians using Lenovo-Qualified parts. If it is not damaged beyond repair, the end users' own PC is returned, and if repair is not possible, the entire system will be replaced at no additional charge.

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