Hund - Curli Vest Harness Clasp Air-Mesh - Light-Tan (S) - H19015
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Curli Vest Harness Clasp Air-Mesh - Light-Tan (S)

- The new “curli clasp” solves one of the industry‘s biggest challenges
- Now the Leash and harness can be attached with one hand
- High-strength, color-matching POM material for the clasp, withstands tensile loads of up to 100kg (220 lbs)
- “curli clasp” reduces noise and weight. Eliminates the “clicking” sound of metal D-rings.
- Harness with around 20% lower weight than the already particularly light previous model (from 33 grams/1.16 oz.)
- Significantly improved ergonomics and optimized fit thanks to a new pattern and a new size scale
- Perfected tension distribution thanks to the straps directly worked into the seams of the harness and improved higher tension mount
- Optimized air mesh material for even greater comfort
- Adjustable in size with Velcro closure, easy to adjust to the body shape
- Padded buckle ensures that hair and fur is not snagged or irritated
- Reflective elements on the neck for additional safety in darkness
- DogFinder ID to help find your dog in case it gets lost

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