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Kärcher 2.884-969.0

Deksel med skumbakside for å sikre en jevn strykeoverflate. Den ideelle dekning for det perfekte resultatet.

Varenummer: 2588427
441,00 kr
352,80 kr eksl. mva
Bestillingsvare, 6-8 dager til forsendelse
Rimeligste private frakt: 89,00 kr


Produsent: Kärcher
Varenummer: 2588427
Model: 2.884-969.0
Ean: 4039784205390

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ProduktbeskrivelseAdobe Premiere (v. 5.1) - lisens - 1 bruker
KategoriKreativitetsapplikasjon - videoredigering og -produksjon
Antall lisenser1 bruker
LisensprissettingMengde / Nivå E (5000-19999)
LisensieringsprogramAdobe Open Options Transactional License Program


Kategori Kreativitetsapplikasjon - videoredigering og -produksjon
Produkttype Lisens
Versjon 5.1
Plattform Windows
Språk Tysk
Min. fargedybde som støttes 8-bits (256 farger)


Lisenstype 1 bruker
Lisensprissetting Mengde / Nivå E (5000-19999)
Lisensieringsprogram Adobe Open Options Transactional License Program
Adobe Premiere 5.1 enables small video studios, industrial video professionals, event videographers, and multimedia and Web developers to create video and easily output it across mediums, from videotape to multimedia and the Web. This version of Adobe Premiere offers greatly enhanced performance, core QuickTime support and improved workflow, saving users time and allowing them greater flexibility and creative freedom. The award-winning application works together with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects software to provide an integrated, professional dynamic media solution that enables users to easily and affordably bring their ideas to life.
Adobe Premiere 5.1 delivers dramatically improved performance, saving video professionals significant time and money throughout the editing process. Compile time improvements in Premiere 5.1 result in significantly faster render times for both Preview and Export. "Smart" Preview files from the Timeline can be exported from Premiere 5.1, enabling drastically reduced final export times. Premiere 5.1 offers multi-threaded performance: transparency takes advantage of dual processors for faster compile times. Users can also work more efficiently within Premiere 5.1, with enhanced Timeline and Trim window performance that allows for faster, more precise edits. The addition of core QuickTime support in Adobe Premiere 5.1 allows users greater flexibility and creative freedom. Users can easily produce streaming audio for the Web with QuickTime audio compression, which enables them to export Qdesign and Qualcomm audio formats, among others, from within Premiere 5.1. Users can also choose to work natively in the DV format, with the ability to import .dv files from QuickTime into Premiere 5.1. In addition, core support in Premiere 5.1 will allow users to take advantage of the built-in effects of QuickTime. Adobe Premiere 5.1 incorporates a host of user requests that enhance workflow and productivity. The addition of DPS Perception support not only improves workflow, but also allows users to take advantage of DPS f/x for accelerated compiles using the DPS Perception Card, resulting in faster render times. Preview to RAM allows users to preview their video and see all applied effects quickly. The incorporation of numerous additional user requests, such as the ability to define launch settings and report dropped frames while capturing, contribute to an overall improved workflow in Premiere 5.1.
Adobe Open Options 4.5 makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to get the benefits of volume ordering through TLP. There are no membership requirements. For every eligible order of a new or upgrade Adobe software license, or of an Upgrade Plan, you receive points. Your discount level is based on the total point value of your transaction. The more you order in a single transaction, the better your discount level. In addition, when you order products through the TLP, Adobe provides you with an easy-to-use licensing website that simplifies software administration and record keeping. This custom site provides a single location for up-to-date access to your Adobe software licensing information. The TLP is open to commercial, education, and government organizations.

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