5481100048 - OnePlus Warp Charge Type-C to Type-C Cable (150cm)

OnePlus Warp Charge Type-C to Type-C Cable (150cm)

The updated OnePlus Warp Charge Type-C Cable blends a new Type-C to Type-C design with the same uncompromising performance. Embracing the signature OnePlus red and white colors, the meticulously designed, slim cable is compact and tangle-free, delivering steadfast durability and reliability. Wrapped in premium silicon coating, the internal cabling comprises high-grade copper and nickel for smooth, efficient and safe power delivery to your OnePlus phone. Reversible Type-C connectors utilize a separate injection process further strengthening connector pins. Enjoy up to 65W of Warp Charge speed (max output: 6.5A at 10V).

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Produsent: OnePlus
Varenummer: 2882928
Model: 5481100048
Ean: 6921815612414

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ProduktbeskrivelseOnePlus Warp Charge - USB type C-kabel - USB-C til USB-C - 1.5 m
TypeUSB type C-kabel
Lengde1.5 m
Kontakt24-pins USB-C - hann
Kontakt (annen ende)24-pins USB-C - hann


Type USB type C-kabel
Lengde 1.5 m
Farge Rød
Vekt 44 g
The OnePlus Warp Charge cable blends a modern design with the same uncompromising performance. The meticulously designed cable delivers steadfast durability and reliability.

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