Symaskin - VERITAS Elastica II - Elastica
Varenummer: 2970040


Sewing machine, Overlock, 12 stitches, e.g. rolled hem, narrow hem, 3- and 2- thread overlock stitch, 75 - 1000 stitches per minute (electronically controlled), Adjustable stitch length and width, Thread cutter, Waste collector, 4-3-2 thread overlock machine, Clear colour-coded thread fence, Prethreaded, Differential feed dogs, Adjustable thread tension, Adjustable presser foot pressure, Solid construction, Integrated detachable accessory box, Extra high needle position, white
A clean, safe and elastic overlock seam, whether with 2, 3 or four threads. Hemming, cutting and sewing, in one step and with up to 1,000 stitches per minute are the distinguishing features of the VERITAS Elastica II. And this also applies to thick materials such as jeans, leather or coat fabric. With the differential feed, rolled or narrow seams become straight and roll up only when desired. The fabric residues are neatly collected in the practical collection container.

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Produsent: VERITAS
Varenummer: 2970040
Model: Elastica
Ean: 7640105923854

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You are just improving the results
VERITAS Elastica II can be used with 2, 3 or even 4 threads, which helps to create a particularly elastic and at the same time secure overlock stitch. The basic settings of the machine are clearly arranged and made understandable with color codes, and therefore it appeals to users who have not worked with an overlock before. It is thus also possible to work with different materials. A clear user guide provides extra help. The cut fabric remnants are collected in the integrated collection container without affecting your creative sewing project. And behind it, there is a compartment with lots of accessories such as tweezers that you can quickly get to. This makes sewing more fun.

Sew in strong fabric materials and several layers
Professional finish is a matter of course with this lightweight 3/4-thread overlock machine. The powerful motor can even handle robust materials such as leather or fur fabric, which can also be processed in several layers without any problems thanks to the height of the needle. This gives the final finish to your designs.

Specialist with many skills
VERITAS Elastica II has everything you need to get a perfect finish edge with 12 seam types such as roller seam, narrow edge or overlock seam with 2 and 3 threads. The differential conveyor is particularly practical and ensures that you never inadvertently get wavy or curly seams again. Even with elastic fabric materials such as jersey, the fabric is distributed and run evenly so that the seams are always smooth. The differential conveyor can also be adjusted in such a way that a wavy edge can be created on purpose. However, Veritas Elastica II can do much more than just help sew the edges. Just fold the knife with one hand and you can sew with the classic technique. Stitch length and thread tension can be adjusted precisely, and thus VERITAS Elastica II can even replace a classic sewing machine. Although it is simple version. VERITAS Elastica II is, and will be, a perfect complement to your sewing machine.

•Two thread converter
•Rolled hem finger
•Screwdriver (small and large)
•Upper knife
•Spool caps
•Cord guide
•Accessorie bag

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