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Adidas Ab Wheel

18cm diameter wheel with two soft grip handles, Designed to improve and optimise movement, Engages core muscles for stability and dynamic strength. Originally made for gymnasts, but is particularly suitable for many others where there is a focus on stability and dynamic strength. The wheel is 18 cm in diameter. 29.3 cm wide with handle.

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The 'roll out' is considered by experts to be one of the most productive (and challenging) abdominal exercises in the gym. Originally performed by 'rolling out' on a gymball, the adidas Ab Wheel improves and optimises the movement by placing you closer to the floor - this means that every muscle involved in stability and dynamic strength is called in to action. The first time you roll out, do it on your knees and keep the wheel under your body. As you improve, you can lift your knees off the ground and push the roller further in front of you - at this point your entire bodyweight is held through your abdominals making this one of the most targeted ways of working those particular muscles. Doing 1000s of sit ups won't give you flat abs - to achieve that you have to work the abdominal muscles as an integrated part of your torso. Roll outs are challenging but highly productive. Adidas Ab wheel is built to deliver results no matter if you are training for MMA, team sports or integrating it in to your WOD (workout of the day).

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