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Mario And Friends

Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle (Pastel Purple / Pastel Green) - Nintendo Switch - Party


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- Super Mario Party (Download Code)
- Joy-Con (L) Pastel Purple
- Joy-Con (R) Pastel Green
- Joy-Con Straps

The Mario Party series is coming to the Nintendo Switch system with super-charged fun for everyone.

The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic elements, like specific Dice Blocks for each character. The game also introduces all-new ways to play, including Joy-Con controller enabled minigames, and new modes to enjoy with family and friends.

Board game play goes back to the four-player basics as you take turns and race across the board searching for Stars. You can also pair up two Nintendo Switch systems and delight in this dynamic play style, such as in the new Toads Rec Room mode. And, for the first time ever in the series, test your skills against other Mario Party fans in a new online minigame mode.

With new modes and new minigames coupled with original board game play, the party starts anywhere, anytime, and with all kinds of players.

New online play options have come to Super Mario Party! Download the free update to enjoy Mario Party and Partner Party modes online, as well as dozens of your favourite minigames. Open up a match for anyone or set a password for a private party, then play against friends and family from around the world.


- Super Mario Party brings back the fan favourite original board game gameplay which brings more dynamism to each turn.
- Bundled with pastel green and purple Joy-Cons. 80+ brand-new mini-games using one Joy-Con and 20+ playable characters are included. For the first time on a console Mario Party game, its playable anywhere with anyone by immediately sharing the second Joy-Con.
- The game features lots of game modes such as Mario Party, partner party, sound stage, river survival, challenge road, free play and the online mariothon. Compatible with Nintendo switch only.
- Super Mario Party is a download code. Internet connection is required to download and install.

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