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Aqara Smart Video Doorbell - G4

Local face recognition, more privacy and convenience.
Aqara G4 is a unique video doorbell that can be installed both as wired or battery-powered. It's also the first battery-powered solution that works with Apple's HomeKit Secure Video and supports streaming to Google and Alexa smart displays, with local AI used for facial recognition alerts, automations, and more.


Local AI face recognition
Works with Apple Home
Free cloud and local storage
On-Demand video and two-way communication
Battery and wired 2-in-1
Chime repeater included
Voice change/voice changer option
Supports Do Not Disturb Mode
Personalized custom ringtones
Different alarms for abnormal behavior
Set masking-areas

Note: The product is IPx3 certified and is therefore intended for apartment buildings or houses with well-covered front doors that prevent direct contact with rainwater.

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works with - Apple homekit

works with - Alexa

Local AI face recognition: The built-in local face algorithm is the main advantage of the Aqara doorbell. It can help people quickly recognize the identity of the person outside the door by noting the name of the specified face and sending a push notification via the app or setting different automations* based on the specific person. Even if the network is disconnected sometimes, the recognition function will not be affected.

Works with Apple Home and more: This is the world's first battery-powered HomeKit Secure Video doorbell**. Security with HomeKit Secure Video. Video analysis and notifications happen on your Apple devices, such as iPad, phone, Apple TV. Everything is encrypted before being stored in Apple's iCloud***. Moreover, it can realize audio and video pairing with Google and Alexa and be paired with Yandex Smart Home app to achieve automation.
Free cloud and local storage: Aqara G4 knows how to save you money but still provide a great storage experience - 7 days of free cloud storage, which is equivalent to saving you up to 60 dollars a year on subscription fees. And the G4's indoor chime allows for local storage on microSD cards (not included), which is safer and more convenient. In the future, we also plan to launch NAS storage to give our users more options.

On-Demand video and two-way talk: Answer outdoor calls from anywhere. Or watch and talk live from your smartphone, whether you're at home or on the other side of the world, it seems like you're always home. When a visitor arrives, the APP pushes a reminder and you can check the situation outside the door via video, have a conversation or check in at any time. Thanks to the G4's 162° wide-angle field of view + 1080p HD video + full glass (4 glasses) lens, it can display video more clearly and stably. What's more? The G4 is suitable for outdoor use thanks to its higher ambient temperature stability (cold/hot) and IPX3 waterproof level.******

Battery and wired 2-in-1: Although the G4 is extremely feature-rich, its battery life is one of the longest: With its 6-battery pack, it can be used for up to 4 months****. Moreover, you can connect the G4 to a 12-24V AC or 8-24V DC transformer and the batteries will only be used in case of a power outage!

Chime-Repeater included: The G4 doorbell comes with an indoor Chime-Repeater. The unique Chime-Repeater is equipped with a loud 95 dB speaker and USB-C port for more flexible placement. On top of that, it can even be powered by a power bank* or mini-UPS for battery backup*!!!

Voice switching option: The G4 has a unique voice-changing dialog technology. It is special in the video doorbell category. Users can change the voice in the intercom audio to uncle voice, robot voice and clown voice, which can better protect the user's privacy and identity.

Supports Do Not Disturb Mode: Users can customize the doorbell ringing times and ringing strength. When Do Not Disturb mode is turned on

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