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AL-KO BC 400 L

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Petrol brush cutters from AL-KO work their way through everything with reliable control and extra safety - our flexible and powerful all-rounders with high performance levels in "lawn care". AL-KO BC 400 L petrol brush cutter - the flexible solution with extra safety. Independent cutting where you need it: AL-KO BC 400 L convinces with efficient cutting results in the well-known AL-KO quality. Without a cord and without a battery, the petrol brush cutter, with a cutting width of 41 cm (wire spool) or 25 cm (steel knife blade), performs work in medium-sized gardens, meadows, slopes and everywhere where lawn mowers fall short and where extra power is needed to get ahead.The brush cutter is equipped with a round loop handle so that you can work safely without getting tired. With tip-automatics, you always have the optimal wire length (not applicable for knife operation). The carrying strap extends the cutting distance. The robust tank protection guarantees long life.Technical details for AL-KO BC 400 L petrol brush cutter: With its easy-to-start latest generation 1.25 kW two-stroke engine, this bushcutter is easy to operate even for beginners and hobby gardeners. It works its way through all types of terrain - large lawns, tall grasses, hedges, slopes or dense bushes.Versatile thanks to interchangeable trimmer head: The gentle wire spool with a cutting width of 41 cm can be changed in an instant to the 25 cm steel knife blade for use on light and medium-heavy terrain. Easy handling and adjustable carrying strap ensure efficient work and quick trimming on lawns as well as fences and walls. With tip-automatics setting up optimal wire length during trimming by pressing trimmer head against ground becomes easy (not applicable for knife operation). Free from battery charging issues or tangled cords – an advantage on large lawn areas and remote locations.For your safety and for the environment: Even with a strong petrol engine, BC 400 L is easy, safe and efficient to operate for both beginners and experienced gardeners thanks to ergonomic design, optimal weight distribution, comfortable handle and carrying strap.Note: Information about cutting areas and lifespan may vary depending on what needs to be cut (grass height, density, moisture etc.).

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