27044 - FiiO K7 - Stationary with DAC
Varenummer: 3129292

FiiO K7 - Stationary with DAC

Fully balanced decoding
The K7 has a six-stage circuit with fully balanced analog and digital sections. This helps reduce "crosstalk" to increase overall sound quality.

Balanced amplifier in high quality
In the K7 sits the THX AAA 788+ amplifier (same as in the flagship K9). It manages a whopping 560 mW into 300 ohms and 2000 mW into 32 Ohms. This ensures that both high and low impedance headphones are driven without problems.

2x AK4493SEQ DAC chip
The left and right channels are equipped with the powerful AK4493SEQ dac chip. With this you get a rich and delicate sound that leans towards the warmth.

RGB indicator light
With RGB lights, you get information about which file formats are being played, and at the same time you can see whether the amplifier is turned off or on.

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Produsent: FiiO
Varenummer: 3129292
Model: 27044
Ean: 6953175710363

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Hodetelefonforsterker, Stasjon?r, 16-300 Ohm, 6,3 mm: 1220 mW (32 Ohm) 140 mW (300 Ohm), 4,4 mm: 2000 mW (32 Ohm) 560 mW (300 Ohm), Innganger: USB-C, Coax, Optisk, Utganger: 2x RCA ut, THX AAA 788+, AK4493S, 32bit/384kHz PCM - native DSD256

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