Garn & Tilbehør - MAYFLOWER BABY ALPACA FV. 33 - 46033


60% ALPAKA 40% NYLON, Lengde: ca. 100 m, anbefalt pinne 3,5 mm, Strikkefasthet: 23 masker x 31 rader til 10 cm, Fargenummer 33, Svart onyx

Varenummer: 2992981
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Hand wash only - do not spin dry. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry - lay flat to dry. Do not bleach. Mayflower Baby Alpaca is an exceptionally luxurious yarn quality, composed of 60% alpaca and 40% nylon. Together, alpaca and nylon create a versatile yarn quality that can be used for many different types of knitting and crochet projects.Alpaca is one of the most sought-after yarn fibers, and it's no coincidence. Alpaca fibers are known for being extra warm and soft. Additionally, alpaca wool has long fibers which make the yarn extra durable in Mayflower Baby Alpaca due to its nylon content.You can use Mayflower Baby Alpaca for all types of clothing including shawls, hats, and other accessories as it has a perfect weight that gives a beautiful natural fall combined with irresistible softness and comfort.There is a wide range of colors available when it comes to Mayflower Baby Alpacas making it easy to find your favorite color for your next knitting project with beautiful depth giving an extra beautiful end result.Mayflower Baby Alpacas should be hand washed only without spinning or centrifuging them as they may lose their shape or become damaged if machine washed or spun dried; however clothes made from this material typically benefit from just being "aired" instead of washing them frequently like other materials require . The composition consists of 60% alpaca wool & 40% nylon with a running length up to 100 meters per 50 grams skein while using needle size US4 (3½ mm) will give you the best results in terms of gauge which measures at approximately:23 stitches x64 rows =10 x10 centimeters

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