9003150122616 - Carrera 2.4GHz Mario Kart™ Peach - Quad

Carrera 2.4GHz Mario Kart™ Peach - Quad

Carrera RC Quad - Peach - Carrera RC Quad - Enjoy a smooth ride on rough roads with Peach - Length 19.5 cm - NEW with a 3.2 V 700 mAh LiFePo4 battery - Age 6 and upwards High-speed off-track action with Peach the power princess! You and Peach show everyone who's the racing champ on robust Carrera RC Quads. While you put the pedal to the metal, Peach has no reason to fear bad-guy Bowser. Peach is ready for all kinds of rough-riding offroad adventures on her approx. 19 cm Quad with a stylish pink livery, oversize pneumatics and full function control technology. She leaves opponents far behind to claim the race trophy at top speeds of up to 9 km/h. Your race in pink The princess demonstrates the meaning of 'speed' for up to 30 minutes before the 3.2 V 700 mAh LiFePo4 battery hooks up for a swift 50-minute recharge stop. Recharging can be conducted in transit via a laptop or powerbank using the USB lead included. Mario Kart fans aged 6 years and upwards enjoy thrilling outdoor races with Peach and up to 15 friends.

Varenummer: 2982354
649,00 kr
519,20 kr eksl. mva
Fjernlager, 5-7 dager til forsendelse
Rimeligste private frakt: 95,00 kr


Produsent: Carrera
Varenummer: 2982354
Model: 9003150122616
Ean: 9003150122616

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