9781474851480 - Landry Q. Walker - Disney Pete's Dragon Book of the Film (English)
Varenummer: 3104897

Landry Q. Walker - Disney Pete's Dragon Book of the Film (English)

Eleven-year-old Pete isn't scared of the forest - he's lived there for a long time, and his best friend Elliot is always by his side, protecting him. There's just one thing about Elliot... he's a giant, flying green dragon. One day, Pete is discovered in the forest by a group of people who take him back to town in search of answers. Where is Pete from? How did he survive alone in the forest for so long? And most importantly, who is Elliot? Soar into adventure with Pete and his dragon as they fight to prove that real family comes in all shapes and sizes... even dragon-sized ones.

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Produsent: Parragon
Varenummer: 3104897
Model: 9781474851480
Ean: 9781474851480

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