ACPS19 - ANYCUBIC Photon S - White - 3D Printer -

ANYCUBIC Photon S - White - 3D Printer -

The original Anycubic Photon was a phenomenal success, hitting the mark as an affordable hobbyist resin printer like no other. Excellent print quality and simple user operation made it a go-to for those in need of detailed prints and cost less.

New UI
Easy to use

Quick Slicing
Brings more accuracy for leveling.

Off-line Print
the Photon S supports offline print with built-in operational system, improve print stability.

Print Quietly
New design could effectively reduce the noise

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Produsent: ANYCUBIC
Varenummer: 2824180
Model: ACPS19

Til produsentens hjemmeside


The new Photon S offers even higher quality with Matrix technology instead of Diffusion, as well as a double Z axis instead of a single. Printing in resin offers extreme precision, and very smooth prints. With the print bed size of 115x65x165 mm, even the largest figurines and role play buildings can be printed.

The included Photon slicer brings extraordinary using experience. A 30M .stl file will take minutes when you use a open-source slicer, while the original Photon Slicer will finish this job within 1 minute. The Anycubic Photon S has scored 4,8/5 stars in the online reviews by experienced users. Technical Specifications
● Printing Technology: LCD-based SLA 3D Printer
● Light-source : UV integrated light(wavelength 405nm)
● XY DPI : 47um (2560*1440)
● Y axis resolution : 1.25um
● Layer resolution : 25 ~ 100um
● Printing speed : 20mm/h
● Rated Power : 50W
● Printer size: 230mm*200mm*400mm
● Printing volume : 115mm *65mm *165mm (4.52″*2.56″*6.1″)
● Printing material : 405nm photosensitive resin
● Connectivity :USB Port
● Package Weight: 9.5kg

3D Printer

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    Wash Mode
    Versatile, easy to use.

    Cure Mode
    Wide range UV wavelength compatability.

    Touch Button
    Easy to operate with an responsive and sensitive touch button.

    Safe Design
    Auto pause, block 99.95% UV light
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    ANYCUBIC Wash & Cure

    Printing in resin requires cleaning of the printed items, when the printer is done. On top of that, it is crucial that the print is hardened in UV light, to ensure that the resin is stabile and keeps its form. Usually people find their own ways of hardening the prints, either with UV light strips or outside in the sunrays.

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