ACPHMZ - ANYCUBIC Photon Mono - 3D Printer -

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono - 3D Printer -

The Anycubic Photon Mono is the most recent innovation from Anycubic in DLP printers. The monochrome screen increases print-speed and lifetime of the screen.

The Photon Mono is built with the same quality materials as the Photon S, and therefore you can expect the same print stability. The 2K monochrome LCD screen, gives a high resolution print, with details up to 0,01mm per layer. Photon Mono can print up to 3 times faster than the Photon Zero, because the curing time has been decreased.

The printer is protected with a UV resistant lid, that will block 99,5% of all UV rays, even though it is still transparent. The resin vat has clear markings of remaining resin, so it is easy to see if you need to top it off.

6" 2K Monochrome LCD
A much longer lifespan: It’s s 4 times longer than color LCD.

Quick FEP Replacement
Easy and quick to replace the FEP.

Fast Printing Speed
With a monochrome screen, the printer can use less energy while printing faster.

High Quality Z-axis
2.High Quality Z-axis Rail Structure & Stepper Motor

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3D Printer

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    Wash Mode
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    Cure Mode
    Wide range UV wavelength compatability.

    Touch Button
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    Safe Design
    Auto pause, block 99.95% UV light

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